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Auto Service and Safety For Transportation Drivers There are always people who need a ride and if you're interested in starting a limo company, shuttle service or even become a rideshare driver, you must keep your vehicles in tip-top shape. Safety is the number one priority when you're on the road and you should have your vehicles regularly checked by an auto service mechanic. We're not mechanics, nor are we drivers, but we do believe in the importance of vehicle maintenance and that's why we started this blog. We performed thorough research to find out about basic car maintenance and we've included our findings in this blog. When you read the information on this site, you'll learn the standard car maintenance schedule. This includes topping off all vehicle fluids, checking battery cables, and inspecting hoses and belts. By making a habit of servicing your vehicles on a regular basis, you can drive others safely and with confidence.

Posted on: 27 January 2020
Have you ever seen statistics on auto glass replacement? Auto glass may not seem like a particularly exciting industry, so you likely haven't. You may, therefore, be surprised to learn that windshield replacements are the most common insurance claim in the Uni

Posted on: 23 January 2020
Taking a vehicle to a transmission repair shop means you're likely committing to somewhere between a few days and a couple of weeks worth of waiting for the issues to be diagnosed and fixed. Work on transmissions is very involved, and many people may wond

Posted on: 22 January 2020
When you have a diesel engine truck, you learn that there are many ways you can keep this type of vehicle operating well, and that good function is essential to keeping your truck in good working condition. A diesel truck can last a long time and bring value t