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The Crashes You Survive, But Your Car Doesn't: What Happens Next

There are just some car crashes where it boggles the mind how anyone could have survived them. When the "jaws of life" have to be called in to cut through the frame of a car to rescue someone, that is a really astounding moment. If you survive a crash, and your car does not, here is what happens next. 

Hauling It Away

Once you are in an ambulance and on your way to the nearest hospital to be helped, your car will be loaded up on a tow truck and hauled away. The police report on the accident will state which towing company came to get your car, which will help you track down where your car is when you are feeling better. If the car is an incredibly crunched mess and unrecognizable, it will not be hauled to an auto body repair shop. Instead it will be hauled to a salvage yard or a dump and held until you can sign off on it being sold for scrap. Before that can happen, though, everyone at the scene of the accident has to assess the mess. 

Assess the Mess

Assessing the mess on the road involves the categorical collection of evidence and a full report. Police and towing companies, plus a fire department if applicable, will assess your vehicle, the mess on the road, the safety of towing said vehicle, and the destination for the wrecked vehicle. The process may not begin and end in the same hour as your accident, since you may not be conscious or cognizant enough to say where you want your vehicle to go. It could go to a salvage yard, but if the damage is not particularly bad, the vehicle can be towed to a mechanic for another assessment for the parts and repairs. 

Fix the Mess or Salvage the Mess 

When it is finally decided what should be done with your car based on its current physical condition, you have to sign off on the plan. If you are going to have it completely restored by an auto body mechanic, you have to listen to what needs to be done to restore the vehicle, and then give the go-ahead to do the repairs. On the flip side, if the car literally had to be cut and opened like a can with a can opener to extricate you from the vehicle, it is salvage-bound, and you still have to sign off on it. 

If you need more information, you can always contact a local auto body repair services shop for help.