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Transmission Problems: Repair Vs Replacement

The transmission is a unit under the hood that is responsible for delegating power to different parts of your car. It uses many gears and gear trains to increase or decrease power assigned to a certain part, depending on how quickly you want the car to go. Transmission trouble is one of the hardest things to go through as a car owner. This is due to the fact that the transmission is vital to the operation of your vehicle and can be quite expensive to replace. If an older car has transmission problems, it may even total the vehicle. This means that it would cost more money to repair than the vehicle is worth. Sometimes it is hard to determine if your transmission is the problem, though there are some signs that may be indicative. These signs include, but are not limited to, a grinding sound when you change gears, slow automatic gear shifts, slipping gears, or even a burning smell. 

If you feel that you may be in need of a transmission repair, there are options. Most people usually choose to either repair or replace their transmission. There are pros and cons to each route, though which one you choose ultimately depends on you.



The main reason that someone would repair their transmission instead of replacing it is that it would be drastically cheaper. If your transmission is giving you trouble, that does not mean that the entire thing is no longer functional. There may be some smaller problems that can be fixed relatively easily. 


Some challenges of getting your transmission repaired are that it may take a long time (which would leave you without a car), and there may be multiple repairs to come. 



Replacing your transmission is a surefire way to stop any future problems before they begin. You will not need to worry about any problems again, and your car will run great. 


The main problem with replacing your transmission is that it could set you back around $3,000. If your car is older, it is not likely to be worth much more than that, which means you might just want to buy a new car instead. 

In conclusion, if you have discovered that you may have transmission problems, that does not necessarily mean that you should start looking for a new car. Talk to your mechanic, consult your budget, and then make a decision. 

Contact a local transmission repair company for more information.